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Select features from all the currently visible layers by clicking the map to draw a shape. Double-click to finish it and display the results.

The currently selected features are highlighted in light blue.

To see the results from a different layer, change the selection in the drop-down box.

Highlight (in yellow) and/or zoom to individual results by clicking on the icons at the start of the row.

To clear the selection either close the results panel at the bottom of the map or click on the map and start drawing a new area.

To stop selecting features, close this panel either by using the cross at the top-right of the panel or by clicking the Select tool a second time.

Please note: a maximum of 1000 features can be returned.
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The fill and outline colours can be changed independently of each other. Please set them below and then click and drag on the map to draw your rectangle.

To change the fill and/or outline colour, select a colour above, then click the corresponding option below:
Fill colour
Outline colour

Select the outline width:



The preview window below will reflect your changes and show you how the drawing will appear.

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